Trinity Heights Respite Care serves families who have children (age 0-16) with developmental disabilities. Families in Harvey or Marion counties may qualify for services. Following the example set by the Americans with Disabilities Act, our definition of “disability” is broad-based and includes, among others, physical, learning , sensory, and cognitive disabilities. If you have questions about whether a child qualifies for our service, please call or email our office. 


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Parents Day Out

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In Home Care

Respite care is time for parents to rest, recharge, and reconnect with friends and other family members. We provide respite care in the family home and at a monthly Parents Day Out, which offers children opportunities for socializing. In-home care is scheduled on an as-needed basis.

Board Members

Voting Members

Chairman: Ann Motter

Vice-Chair:Lynda Stucky

SecretaryDeb Hamm

TreasurerJim Thiessen

Members at large: Ann Motter, Sarah Hensiek, Harlan Rittgers, Lynda Stucky, Cherie Reimer, and Jeremy LeDuc

Non-Voting Members: Advisors: Pastor Donna K. Voteau of Trinity Heights United Methodist Church, and Tom Adrian, legal advisor. Executive Director: Connie Rickard Parents Day Out Coordinator: Valerie Garver In-Home Coordinator: Sandra Helsper

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Address: 1200 Boyd Avenue, Newton, KS 67114

Phone: 1-620-755-3343

Email address: respite.care93@gmail.com